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Boats and Birds by mamakanaynay Boats and Birds by mamakanaynay
All the feels. All of them.

I'm starting out with a sliiiiiiiight apology: I'm sorry for making it daytime outside, but god dammit it fits way better and I have slightly illogical but okay reasoning for it, and I'm the artist, so ha!

A while back, in maybe the latter of summer '11, I was on Trollplay (well, when it was still Trollmegle), roaming as Terezi. I found a sopor Gamzee, and here's how it went:

Terezi was flipping out because someone kept telling her about Equius in quite inappropriate ways, giving her a "horrible taste in her mouth." She came on to try and distract herself, and found Gamzee. After a bit of a rant (and his agreement on how disturbing it was), Gamzee came up with the great idea of distraction by trolling. She tried to tease Karkat with it by Gamzee's initial suggestion, which didn't work from the accidental tab close, which lead to Gamzee's second suggestion for her to troll Dave with it. That lead to more discomfort, for he said even more things to bother her on the subject. She left, came back to Gamzee, and instead, they listened to music. Terezi had found a human violinist, Emilie Autumn, whose music gave her peace; Rapunzel and Marry Me she stated to have listened, the latter making her want to dance. Gamzee, in turn, told her of another song: Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk. It made him think of "sailing out on a boat on a cloudy day." Terezi listened to it, and instantly forgot all the controversy over Equius, falling in love with the song. The two of them spent time listening to the song, saying how they loved it, and Terezi concluded it was "their song." Gamzee agreed. Then, they sent each other a heart, in turn. [GC]: <3 [TC]: <3 (obviously in Trollmegle format). Terezi claimed this meant something, and Gamzee agreed, locking them into newfound affection. It was Terezi who suggested they go out and sail out into the ocean. Gamzee agreed, and offered for her to come to his hive, for he had a boat that Eridan had made for him, and he did live right on the ocean. She accepted, and went on her way, meeting him there. He lead her onto the boat, and rowed the two of them out on that cloudy day. She enjoyed the scent of the ocean breeze, and dragged her fingers in the water, having not been to the ocean (and she tasted it, because hey, she would). Once they were out far enough, everything became adorable. Terezi went over and sat on Gamzee's lap, straddled, just to be with him (and to stabilize the boat a bit, because he was closer to the middle than she was). He hugged her, and yeah, commence adorable, romantic kiss. It seemed to last forever, as they were telling each other of the love they truly felt, kissing every so often (yeah... a lot), and singing the song together, line after line, together. I'm guessing it would have been an hour or so out there, but it seemed like forever. They were happier than they had ever felt. With that, eventually they felt tired, seeing as how it was daytime, when they usually do sleep. Terezi sat back on her side, and Gamzee rowed them back to shore, where they both entered his hive and fell asleep on the floor, together. Yeah.

So this scene is when they're sitting on the boat together, just not kissing because I can't draw that yet. :I

Now here's my reasoning: It's cloudy, I bet they could stand the sun enough to go with the adorable scene that fit the song, okay? Okay.

I know, I know, Terezi feels black for Gamzee in the comic [edit: and now the pair is officially <3<, bluh], but people ship everything, and I just love these two as matesprites after this. This ship sails! Literally! :33

Don't get me wrong, I still love KarTer... And shipping any of them randomly. /shot

A lot of my cool grey markers died doing this picture, with the water, sky, and their skin... Yeah. At least I bought more to touch it up and finish it, so it looks great. They're a little thin, and Gamzee's sign is hidden by Terezi's arm, but I'm still proud of the outcome. So proud, in fact, that it's framed and sitting right next to my bed for me to see.

♎ ♥ ♑

[other edit: wow I finally found a group to put this in, my heart is content ;u;]

Gamzee Makara, Terezi Pyrope Andrew Hussie
Role play/future story Me, *BillKaulitzsWife and the other girl whose dA I never found
Art Me, *BillKaulitzsWife
Sweet-Kaitou Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student Writer
If the title is the song I'm thinking of then AWESOME. This picca is awesome as well~ ^.^
mamakanaynay Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
By Gregory and the Hawk. Yes, the song is just amazing.
And thanks! Even if my art isn't that awesome, the idea makes it great. ;u;
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